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A professionally installed and well-designed gutter system provides protection for your home. When your gutters become damaged due to extreme weather or old age, it can cause problems to several areas of your home, including its foundation, basement, siding, garage, patio, landscaping and more. 

Your gutters protect your home’s structure from water damage caused by rain, snow and ice.   LJS Contractors will provide you peace of mind, from a gutter standpoint, that your home is protected with a properly functioning gutter system that will protect your home’s structure and foundation as well as its value. 

At LJS Contractors, we carefully conduct gutter inspections to detect any problems or erosion and offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Our trusted experts are trained to work with all types of gutters and downspout systems, allowing us to install any material you choose. 

Gutter Installation in Mooresville IN

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Gutter Installation with Decades of Experience

A well-designed gutter system has many benefits to your property.  The first is by keeping water from coming through doorways, windows, and your home’s other openings by funneling water away from your property.   Another benefit is by reducing soil erosion — the beautiful flowers and plants you have planted around your yard could be swept away with the first significant rainfall.  Gutters help protect your beloved perennials from getting flooded by averting that rainfall somewhere else.  Even worse than losing your flowers, soil erosion can leave your property vulnerable to foundational damage. 

Your gutters are one of the first lines of defense that your home has against the elements – and they are critical for protecting the integrity of your home as a whole.  With a professionally installed and well-designed gutter system, you can protect yourself for years to come – and have peace of mind, knowing that your home is ready for any thunderstorm or weather event that may occur! 

Gutters do require preventative maintenance and as such some homeowners ask themselves if they are even worth the hassle?  Without a doubt the answer to that question is YES!   Homes without a gutter system or a poorly installed gutter system are open invitations to numerous types of property damage.   So before you decide to forego gutters, let’s talk about the reasons they are necessary and the protection a professionally installed gutter system can provide to your home for years to come

Did you know we also offer gutter guards and covers to keep your investment safe and secure for years to come?  Gutter maintenance can be a challenge for many homeowners.  Climbing up a ladder can be a safety concern.  Properties that are surrounded by trees will want to consider having gutter guards or covers installed. It is a small addition to your gutters that can save you time as well as possible injury!


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