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Do you live in a home with lots of trees? Are clogged gutters and drains causing problems for your Indianapolis home? LJS Contractors can help. Our highly experienced gutter guard installers at LJS are standing by to provide the top quality best-rated leaf guards ready to be installed on homes throughout the area . With our team, product is absolutely guaranteed—the absolute best choice!

Why You Need Gutter Guards

Many homeowners prefer installing gutter guards to cleaning their gutters every season. It is not hard to see why: cleaning your gutters could be easily forgotten in a busy schedule, potentially hazardous due to the heights involved in working on them, and a job few people enjoy doing. Gutter guard installation, however, is easy – once you hire someone for this task they can install them so that there’s no need of going ahead with regular cleanings which makes it an excellent option when compared to other alternatives.

How Do Gutter Guards Work

How exactly do our gutter guards keep your gutters clean? That’s an interesting question – and we have the answer!   When it rains on top of your roof, water is drawn by gravity or surface tension towards the gutter which lead into the downspouts.   Our gutter guards our installed on top of the gutter allowing water to pass through but leaves, sticks, and debris are simple pushed off the gutter guard with the for force of the running water – making them easy and maintenance free for you.

Your gutters are one of the first lines of defense that your home has against the elements – and they are critical for protecting the integrity of your home as a whole.  With a professionally installed and well-designed gutter system, you can protect yourself for years to come – and have peace of mind, knowing that your home is ready for any thunderstorm or weather event that may occur! 

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