Library: Children’s Room


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I have always had a great fondness for books. I could easily lose an entire afternoon in a Barnes and Noble slowly wandering through each section browsing the titles.  Over the years I have tried to instill a love of the written word in my children by frequent trips to the local public libraries.   There have been hot summer days where I shoved the entire contents of my desk into a bag and set up shop in the library while the kids explored all that the library has to offer.

Recently an opportunity presented itself to The Professional to work with a local library as they revamp their beloved Children’s Room.  To say that I was excited about this might be an understatement.    To have my hands on the written drawings and plans for the future Children’s Room was glorious.

For The Professional this is all in a day’s work.  For the girl in love with the library this is dreamy!

Here are a couple of before shots of the Children’s Room.

library 03

library 02


The library project is schedule to conclude late next month for a grand opening just in time for the Summer, 2014.  The kids (and maybe a parent or two) are going to love the awesomeness coming to the Children’s Room!

Morning Shower

Does your morning shower take forever to heat up?

If you answered “yes!” I have some advice for you!

A hot water recirculation pump would be a great weekend DIY project. It will circulate hot water to a mixing valve installed using your cold water supply side.   

The pump is easily mounted on the supply side of the hot water heater, 120v power will need to be supplied for the pump.

water recirculation

The mix valve is then installed in the cabinet.

water recirculation

The timer can be set for anticipated hot water demand periods and set to “off” when you leave for vacation.

The cost for this DIY home improvement is around $275.00.